About Tiona Blyden, CEO of Proverbs 31 BOSS Academy

The Proverbs 31 Boss, Kingdom Identity, and Favored & Fruitful Coach!

Tiona is a true ambassador for the kingdom of God! She gave her life to Christ in 2014 and gave God a request! Show yourself so she could know the true God! That request changed her life as God continues to show himself for her, her husband of 12 years, and their four beautiful children!  

Tiona believes in kingdom so it’s not enough for her to walk in her calling! God has commissioned and equipped her to unlock mantles and doors for other kingdom women in business to experience fruit in areas that were stagnant or seems to hit a ceiling (in business, ministry,  and personal)! It is the anointing of God that destroys the yoke and after helping over 100 women find healing, deliverance, and their voice it is clear God is ready to unlock his daughters in the earth! Known as a Kingdom Unlocker, Tiona has partnered with Holy Spirit to empower women from all over the country to experience new levels of wealth in their business and personal life! And she is just getting started!