The Proverbs 31 BOSS Blueprint

A Blueprint for Kingdom Women to Step Into Your Kingdom Identity, Activate Your Authority and Establish Dominion In the Field that God Has Planted You








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Before I tell you about this GAMECHANGING Kingdom Resource, let's talk about who it's for.

You're a woman of God who is praised for being amazing, but you know that there is more for you. You are grateful to God for using you in your church, your family, in your circle but you are REALLY READY to step into your TRUE Kingdom Inheritance. 


Your prayers and desire for MORE....led you here.

Whether you are...

    • A woman of Honor who has been fighting the same battles (over and over and want to SEE the promises of God in your life
    • Ready to discover MORE about who you are and the Spirit and need the necessary tools for walking in authority
    • Aware that God has promised you some things that you struggle to gain access to
    • You want to pass generational authority to your children (instead of generational curses)
    • A Spiritual leader who has grown as much as you can you can at your church and are ready to LEVEL UP in the Spirit
    • A woman of God who unknowingly sabotages your blessings because you don't see yourself the way that God sees you.
    • You are ready to stop toiling and POSSESS the promise
    • You are tired of begging and ready to walk in authority



If you take advantage of this BLUEPRINT you will :

  • Have a CLEAR path to the promise (instead of doing what you THINK -- before consulting with God)
  • Be Qualified and Justified by revelation and faith (instead of feeling like you have to work for God's love and favor)
  • Walk, think and speak with POWER and Authority (rather than begging God to come through)
  • Understand an Exercise Your Full Kingdom Benefits Package  (instead of leaving benefits on the table and fighting battles that were already WON)
  • Leave your wilderness behind (rather than making the same trip FOR YEARS)
  • Be READY to take up your TERRITORY (Instead of seeing the promise from afar)
  • Eradicate spiritual self-sabotage 
  • Set your heart and mind on VICTORY in EVERY battle
  • Unlock your hidden treasure(s)  
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Join the Movement

(Valued at $2,997) 

  • Implementation modules showing you EVERYTHING that you need to know about your Kingdom inheritance and how to access it
  • A complete, step-by-step guide to showing you how to go from wanting more to gaining access to your Kingdom Benefits 
  •  A guide to specific warfare strategies to overtake the enemy and claim your birthright
  • Spiritual maturation training to show you how to pass the tests on every level and mature as a Christian
  • You will be given access view modules each week -- so that you are able to pace yourself as you dive into the lessons and execute that portion of the project before moving on to the next.

"Tiona is a God send, literally! Prior to meeting her, I was an entrepreneur and wife in waiting. Even though I knew I wanted to be married, I didn't know what it meant to be a wife, as I come from a family of disfunction and divorce. Tiona not only provided encouragement, prayer strategy, and guidance for me, she directed me to the source (God) to learn more about who I am as a kingdom woman. Her business knowledge was the icing on the cake! Thanks to the practical tools Tiona gave me, I have grown in Christ, in my relationship, AND my business."

~ Tatum A.


"I was re-watching our session today and had an encounter with God. OMG, He spoke to my inner child. I'm being healed, restored and delivered. Thank you Tiona for your obedience."

~LilReeka B., Kingdom Entrepreneur, Mother, Mentor

"What a Release!!! I felt the Holy Spirit throughout the WHOLE night. Going through a lot right now, but that was like Blessed Assurance. Everything is going to work out in my favor."

~Regina C., Minister, Mother, Spiritual Mentor


"I joined Tiona's Inner Circle at a time of spiritual frustration and stagnation of spiritual growth. I was interested in learning who I was in the spirit and how to develop, as well as tap into my spiritual gifting. I've been able to "grow" spiritually in every sense of the word, all while having a great time learning about the Kingdom and being a Kingdom citizen that I just didn't know. I am able to connect with like-minded women of God, who support you on your journey, and help to solidify an amazing experience.

~ Dr. Shayla S., Medical Doctor, Wife, Mother, Prophetic Intercessor

What's Inside the BLUEPRINT? 

Here is a sneak peak of the POWER Packed Modules - Bonus #1

Exclusive Spiritual Maturity Training 

This will help you to understand the phase you are in as a Christian woman and discover steps to getting to the next phase.

It's important to mention that most Christians do not move beyond the 3rd stage (of 8 stages) but I am convinced that you will access your FULL Inheritance with this revelation.

Bonus #2-1
Bonus #3

Sharpen the Sword

Gain access to books, bibles, and other resources that will lead you on the path to continuous spiritual growth.

Tap into the secrets of Heaven as you start on a journey of study alongside the Holy Spirit. New REVELATION is required for new levels.

When You Add ALL of That Up...

It's A Real-World Value of $3,491

But because I'm so excited to teach you how to CLAIM YOUR SPIRITUAL BIRTHRIGHT 

I'm giving you the opportunity to enroll into The Proverbs 31 BOSS VAULT TODAY at a special price of just.......

$27 a month (and you can cancel at anytime)

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Question #1: I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the things offered inside of the program. Are you sure I can do this?

Absolutely, this vault was created with you, your schedule and your lifestyle in mind. In fact, it is truly self paced so even 1 video a week can be game changing if you apply what you learn. Don't worry. We have you covered :)

Question #2: I'm not sure if I can find the money to invest in this program right now. Do you think that I can google, learn them in church, study these things on my own?

I'll answer this question directly. Yes, you could possibly learn and research these things on your own and over a period of time see a change. However, this vault is packed with knowledge from countless bible studies, over a decade of experience, and personal knowledge downloaded directly from Heaven. In short, you will tap into your inheritance and accelerate your growth by investing in yourself now. Chances are if there was another way that you could do it (that you already had access to), you would already be where you need to be. 

Question #3: Why should I invest in my spiritual growth?

That's simple. When you pay, you pay attention.

Question #4: I need to ask_______ before I sign up.

If the blank is not God then there is no one that you need to ask. But if you are married, pray for agreement instead of asking permission. When you are unlocked, everyone in your house will be UNLOCKED. Don't hold them up waiting on permission.

Are you READY bloom? Let's get started! 

Unlock  The Proverbs 31 BOSS BLUEPRINT TODAY!!

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I personally cannot wait to guide you to your NEXT....

I'm so excited to work with you because I know both the feeling of wanting more and experiencing more. The very first time that I invested in my spiritual growth was 10 years ago and I remember thinking, "Jesus better be teaching me Himself for this price."

Needless to say every year since....I have invested in myself.

Some things are taught and some things can only be caught. Those things are acquired by connecting with other people who have more revelation and experience.

I know what it means to be exactly where you are. Wanting more of God beyond what you are learning in church, on YouTube, and not knowing exactly how to get it. It can be frustrating, discouraging, and even....exhausting.

I have some good news for you. You feel there is more because there ABSOLUTELY IS. And you, my sister and getting ready to step into it!

I'll see you on the inside.


Tiona Blyden




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