The 6 Figure Getters Society

A Society of Aspiring $100k Business Owners

Do you feel like your right where God wants you to be but, you're not prospering. It is possible that you could be right where you need to be while having the wrong strategy to produce fruit. I've been there. Let me help you!

This program is for Christian women who are ready to get their mind right, their spirits right, their marriages right and their money right!

We have learned from experience that there are two reason why your ministry or business is now growing:

A. Your schedule is a mess
B. Your giving away your gifts (or pricing them wayyyyyy too low) because it's ministry.

In this program, I will challenge you to:

  • Put some things down in this season so that you can pick up what God has called you to.
  • Learn how to "be there" for everyone without showing up everywhere!
  • Begin taking care of yourself so that you can be your best version 100% of the time
  • Get rid of your limiting beliefs about your gifts and talents ...and help you to ASK for what you want 
  • Adopt systems that can support a thriving business without taking up all of your time
  • Discover how to help lead people to Christ in every business transaction